Great Emporer -in English

A satirical story about a great emperor.

“There was once a great king who waged war everywhere, subjugating the neighbouring lands under his control. As soon as all the young men in his country had grown up and were proficient with a sword, he had them all rallied together without exception, and trained as soldiers to conquer and subjugate other lands. In this way he managed to continuously increase the size of his empire.

In one village in this country there lived a poor farmer who had a lot of sons. Every year the king’s soldiers had come and taken away one of his grown up sons. So it was that the poor father had lost all of his seven sons, apart from one young lad, because they had all died in battle.

When he had brought his eighth son to manhood after great trials and tribulations, the king’s soldiers appeared on the scene once more to call the lad up for military service. The father was so angry, he objected this time most vociferously, saying :

“ Go back and tell your king that this time I am refusing to let him have my last son. Send him my greetings and tell him he can no longer rely on my potent penis to help him conquer more and more new lands.”

(If you had been a father in the same position, wouldn’t you have said much the same thing?)

Because of the enormous insult to the king, the soldiers immediately strung the father up from a tree, cut off his potent penis, throwing it to the hounds for food, and dragged the howling lad off to war.”

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