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        A Novel by Akin Tekin


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The Ownerless Planet: A relevant book ...

... for our times. There are many environmental warning messages delivered in this compelling novel that are rooted in rural life and living close to the earth. As a farm boy from the corn and swine ... diğerlerini de göster » belt of the U.S., I felt that the author's description of the main character's early years to be very close to my own experiences growing up in rural America. The character in this novel is retrospectively looking back over his life with great regret from the perspective of his self made plight. He is haunted by the ghosts of his childhood and early manhood. It’s a poignant story of mistakes and consequences. I thoroughly enjoyed The Ownerless Planet and I often reread favorite passages of the book and I highly recommend it to others. Lee Miller, USA 


In the future, when our planet is on the brink of environmental destruction, an American family finds hope and inspiration in a book written in "ancient times" by a heroic boxer.


We have been running non stop so damned fast with-out considering where we are going to finish up. Isn't it about time we stopped running for once, and actually asked each other where we are heading? The writer of this novel ask you in this book: Where are we heading?



The hero of this book, Erol, was so badly bullied by the children in his neighbourhood as a child that he had to seek protection from the Turkish Kabadayis (knights). His enormous hatred for these children resulted in him becoming an unbeatable boxer. When his father was killed by an enemy of nature, he decided, as a nature lover, to wage a lifelong battle against the destruction of nature. He wandered from country to country, trying to find some country which protected its nature and wildlife. He climbed into the boxing rings in Europe. Afterwards he was shot at the border in the DDR{Ex communist Germany} and sentenced to life imprisonment. There he wrote these books, in which he describes not just his battle against the destruction of nature, but also his dramatic loves.


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